“Simple is good.” ― Jim Henson, It's Not Easy Being Green: And Other Things to Consider


“We can’t solve problems by using the same kind of thinking we used when we created them.” — Albert Einstein

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“When you draw, you copy the world don't you? You remake it on paper, but it isn't the same. It's yours. No one else could have created it just like that.” ― Catherine Fisher, Darkhenge

Photo by: Tracy Parish


“We are all humiliated by the sudden discovery of a fact which has existed very comfortably and perhaps been staring at us in private while we have been making up our world entirely without it.” ― George Eliot, Middlemarch: A Study of Provincial Life

Discovery Through Elearning

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Judging My Own Work: A Response

I just read through David Kelly’s blog posting “Judgement in a Vacuum” and I’m very glad he has brought this up. This is my response that I would like to share with David and you: Thanks for sharing this David.  This idea of knowing the context around projects is very true of my own work.  It is something that I personally struggle with internally each time I’m required to design a course.  Sometimes I have weeks to get it done and other times a matter of days, and sometimes even quicker then that.  I struggle with those instances where I know I’m not making something as interactive and engaging as possible.  It feels like I’m turning my back on all that I know to be right.  However, as you mentioned knowing the context that surrounds any given project is extremely important. There is often no choice but to throw up a slide deck on the LMS and hope the message/learning gets across to those that need to reference it. I’d love to have as much time/$ to spend on the projects that are handed to me, but the reality is I’m a department of one and I have 10 projects …

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April First – Happy to See the Warm Weather

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Never have I been so ready to go out and start enjoying nature and the weather. Going to the extreme having to wear so much winter clothing this year has been daunting. Give me a break, I’m tired of the cold and want the warm weather to come back soon. You might know exactly how I feel if you are …

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Learning Solutions – Where I’ll Be, Come Say Hello

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Inspired by David Kelly’s posting “Come Say Hi”  I thought I’d extend an invitation as well.  I’m really excited to be attending Learning Solutions again this year.  It’s been a two year’s since I’ve attending this particular event, but I’m excited and eager to be back.  Looking at the program for the conference its a bit overwhelming  with so many …

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