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Curation Tools and Applications for Learning – DevLearn 2012

This week at DevLearn 2012, David Kelly and myself will be co-presenting “Curation Tools and Applications for Learning”.

In a world of ever-growing data, being able to center on the information that provides the greatest value, and ignore the noise is critical. It’s also extremely difficult. That’s where curators come in, to help audiences focus on the value, and to strip out the noise. However, even if someone understands conceptually what curation is, being able to curate – especially in a digital environment for the purposes of enhancing learning – is something else entirely.

Our session explores many of the different online tools being used for curation.  We’ll also discuss the value that the tools provide (because, while they are all labeled curation tools, they have different focuses) as well as how they work. Participants will see actual examples of these tools in use and the value they provide in a learning context.

Resources shared throughout the presentation can be found here on my Diigo shared list (one of the examples of tools that we will be sharing).

Tracy Parish’s List – DevLearn 2012

More resources as well as a comprehensive resource listing from DevLearn can be found on here, “#DevLearn 2012 Conference Backchannel – Curated Resources” on David’s site.


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