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Creating and Tracking a Storyline Course with Multiple Quizzes

I had to come up recently with a solution to be able to have a learner follow one of 2 paths through a course.  The first time they take they course they are to choose Path A.  The second time through the course, say for re-certification, they are to choose Path B.  Path B takes them directly to a knowledge check quiz.  Pass the quiz perfectly and they are done.  If they are unsuccessful they go back to the start of the course (Path A) review the material and take the overall course quiz instead.

The trouble that arises now is there are 2 quizzes in the course, so how do I set up the course so that the mark from the “passed” course is tracked.  It should be noted that the learner can take Test B (knowledge quiz) only once, but they can take Test A (course quiz) multiple times.

My initial work had me attempting to take the result variables that are created from either of the 2 quizzes, using triggers to determine which of the 2 would be the “actual score”.  Then assign this actual score value to a course final result variable.  The issue though is that the result variables within Storyline are read only variables so they value assigned to them can only be created by the learner answer questions  or by grabbing an average of 2 or more quizzes.  For my scenario an average didn’t work.  I need to know they completed quiz A or B successfully.

For this to work, what I ended up creating were 2 quizzes that each have triggers on them that are activated as soon as the quiz results are displayed.  These triggers set a variable to state that the quiz has been passed.  If the quiz is failed then this variable stays set to False.

After either quiz is completed (whether the learner goes directly through Path A, Path B or Path B (fail) to A) two “hidden” quiz slides are launched.   Each of these slides have a T/F question that is triggered if the variable at the end of each quiz is activated.  There is then a Final Result slide that is based on these 2 hidden quiz questions.  If either question is answered Yes (yes on one means A was passed, yes on the other means B was passed) then the entire course is scored as completed.  This also means that the Final Result slide is set for a 50% pass.  They need one of two questions to be answered correctly and the way this is set up they can only get one correct.  Either Quiz A is passed or Quiz B, not both.

This doesn’t generate a mark for the learner based on either quiz A or B.  That is to say, if the learner gets 89% on A and 80% is a pass, then the over all course tracked as complete and the LMS is fed a passing grade of 50%.

It all sounds complicated when it’s written out, but to see it I think it becomes simpler   Here is the .story file 2 Quizzes in 1 Course that I created that will give you an idea of how I was able to make this function.  Also, below is a 2 part Screenr (part 1 , part 2) to walk you through the process as well.  Hope this helps in your projects.


  1. Ryan TraceyRyan Tracey03-03-2014

    Thank you so much Tracy, this has helped me immensely!

    I’ve been experimenting further, and I think I have simplified your solution, though it is still based on your general concept.

    At the results slide for Quiz A, jump to the Final Results slide if the learner has passed. No need to modify any intermediate variables. (If the learner fails Quiz A, show the failure layer as per normal.)

    Similarly, at the results slide for Quiz B, jump to the same Final Results slide as above if the learner has passed. No need to modify any intermediate variables. (If the learner fails Quiz B, show the failure layer as per normal.)

    The Final Results slide has no accompanying questions; it is simply a single results slide in a results scene. The trick, though, is that its Passing Score is 0%.

    In other words, the learner always passes when they get to the Final Results slide, but they can only get there by passing Quiz A or Quiz B.

    I haven’t fully tested this solution as thoroughly as I’d like before deploying it, but my preliminary testing suggests it works.

  2. Tracy ParishTracy Parish03-03-2014

    Interesting. I’ll have to give that a try next time I need this set up and/or go to update the course I needed to use this format on. I’d have to think back now, but I think I needed a grade for my version not just a pass.

    I’m all for creating something more streamlined and simple. One of the things I do love about Storyline is that the more people you talk with the more great ideas and methods you come up with for solving solutions.

    Thanks for the input Ryan. I’ll be testing this too.

  3. Ryan TraceyRyan Tracey03-03-2014

    Thanks Tracy. I’m glad you took my comment in the spirit of collaboration, which is certainly what I intended.

    After further testing, I realise I have a correction to make: The Final Results slide does in fact need an accompanying quiz question so that it submits the score properly. That means the results scene comprises a graded T/F slide before the Final Results slide. The Quiz A & Quiz B results slides should jump to this T/F slide, not to the results slide.

    At the T/F slide, I have a trigger to change the state of Button 1 True to Selected when the timeline starts (regardless of whether they got there from Quiz A or Quiz B).

    It is important to note that the score that is passed back to the LMS is 100%, regardless of the score obtained for Quiz A or Quiz B. This is fine by me because my pass mark for each quiz happens to be 100% anyway. However if your pass mark is something else, that could be confusing for the end user.

  4. Hi Tracy. I really enjoyed this post and I think it’s a great solution. Thanks!

    • tparishtparish06-10-2014

      Thanks Nick for the feedback. Appreciated.

  5. Debby McNicholsDebby McNichols07-20-2014

    Hi Tracy, I think this solution is just what I need. I am having trouble finding your storyline file on the articulate website. Can you direct me to where I can find it? If I understand correctly when the learner finishes their quiz they will see the screen “One Moment Please” and then a final results slide or are they done after they click continue?
    Thanks for your help

  6. tparishtparish07-22-2014

    Hi Debby: There is a link in the last paragraph to the files, but here it is: Let me know if you have any troubles.

    Happy to help.


  7. SusieSusie10-03-2014

    Hi Tracy, I have followed your videos online as I am finding myself in a similar situation. I have a course with two paths to follow, with two separate quizes. However, when my results come back, the LMS is saying that I passed with a percentage of 50% – when I would really like the percentage that the user got in either quiz A or quiz B – the variable doesn’t seem to be tracking that – any tips?


  8. tparishtparish10-03-2014

    Hi Susie:

    It seems we still don’t have a better solution for this yet. I tried again to see if I had missed something, but it appears you can’t (even in SL2) pass a value to the results variable and that is what trips this up and makes us need to stay with the 50% pass of the “final hidden test”. If you could pass a value that would change this completely.

    There certainly are heros within the community that have great knowledge about javascript, but I can’t see that they have found a work around for this yet either. I will continue to ponder the issue though and see if we can come up with a better solution to pass the true test value to the lms.

  9. davidtan824davidtan82412-03-2014

    kudos! Beautiful engineering without hacking the software

  10. KellyKelly01-22-2015

    Thank you so much — I too have been trying to figure this out for a course I have that has 2 paths. Is there a way to make your FINAL results slide ONLY show a CONGRATS! You have passed! message instead of their score — I know the end score would be 50% based on the T/F questions, however, the users might question the 50% score if that’s not what they received on their quiz.

    If so, please let me know how this is possible.


  11. KellyKelly01-22-2015

    Looking forward to your response.

  12. StaceyStacey11-19-2016

    Thank you so much for this, it has solved a major headache I have run into as we have just purchased an LMS and are having to re-publish everything we have been hosting on the intranet for the LMS, where before having multiple paths for multiple roles wasn’t a problem because we were not tracking, now it is! Again, a big thank you.

  13. Nicola PullanNicola Pullan12-05-2016

    Thank you for this, Tracy. I came across this from a link on the Articulate Community forums, and it provided me with the basis to be able to create a random-select scenario assessment, where the learner had to choose one of three scenarios to complete, with the option to try a second (or a third, if necessary) if they failed their first selection. Your article was my primary source for working out how to make it work.

    • tparishtparish12-05-2016

      Thank you so much for the feedback Nicola. Glad to hear that this helped with a project you were working on.

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