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Learning to make my #IFTTT recipes work

I have many people tell me how much they love If This Than That (IFTTT), but so far I have had a little less success with them.  I decide that I’d like to try to streamline things more in the coming year and an idea I have for a resolution means that there are some things I’d like to have captured with little effort on my part.  That’s where I thought I would turn to IFTTT to make this happen.

I wanted to create a recipe, which is a series of actions in IFTTT that basically follow the rule that IF this online tool does/tracks/performs THIS action THEN I want THAT other online tool to do something with that information.  So an example, assuming you haven’t explored this site yet is, IF I post a picture on Facebook (THIS), THEN I want the picture saved to my Flickr account (THAT).  You can set up unlimited recipes in all sorts of configurations, based on all sorts of variables for over 70 different types of online tools/apps.  That is a lot of automation you can add to capturing your own specified data.

In the pasted when I looked at it, I either didn’t utilize many of the apps or they weren’t available for Canadians to use.  However, I did create a few recipes to give it a try and see if I could collect some important information for myself.  After that, and today again, I realized that several of my recipes were not working.

My first step:
I took a screenshot of my recipe (one to collect tweets with a certain hashtag) and a screenshot of an example tweet.  I shared this with some people I know are more familiar with it and they agreed that it looked okay.  Perhaps it was the recent changes to the Twitter API.  Answer: no, apparently IFTTT was making changes so that this wouldn’t be an issue for capturing data.

Step 3:
Test all my recipes for validity.  Which worked and which didn’t and what was common  amongst them.  – All that didn’t work were triggering something to happen in Evernote.  If my friends think that Twitter is fine…then what is with Evernote.

Step 2:  
Click on the Evernote icon on my IFTTT recipe.  Nope – that took me into my Evernote account that I was signed into.

Step 3:
Logout of Evernote and try to click the icon again. Nope – that took me to the Evernote site to login.

Step 4:
Login to Evernote.  Check my Account Settings. – Ah Ha – There is a tab for Applications and I know from Facebook that many applications need access granted to be able read/write data to your account

Step 5:
I scanned the applications that are granted access to my Evernote account and IFTTT is not one of them.  – Ah Ha – So how do I grant access.  I remember I did this once when I first signed into IFTTT and set up my first recipe that included Evernote.

Step 6: 
Delete a recipe from IFTTT that included Evernote and turned off all the rest.

Step 7:
Recreate a recipe and see if it now asks me to “login/grant permission” to Evernote. – Nope

Step 8:
Scan IFTTT website for Account Settings similar to what I saw on my Evernote website. – Nope, but what is this CHANNELS thing in the upper right corner.

Step 9:
EUREKA!!!! Evernote is listed as offline.

IFTTT Channels ScreenshotStep 10:
Click on the Evernote icon.

Step 11:
Click on the Edit Settings button.

Step 12:
Click on the Authorize button.

Step 13:
Turn recipe in IFTTT with Evernote back on.

Step 14:
Test recipe. – YES, that little yellow box means the recipe  now works.

IFTTT Recipe


Step 15:
Check in my Evernote notebook to see if the tweet that met the recipe specifications was now captured. – No.  Arggg, what’s wrong.  Perhaps it’s because the tweet I am testing with was created before I successfully got the recipe to work?

Step 16:
Send out tweet again with specifications that should allow it to be captured by IFTTT and posted into my Evernote notebook.

Step 17:
Check IFTTT recipe Activity Log to see it it worked. – YES – ah ha, I have figured it out.

IFTTT Recipe Worked

Step 18:

Check Evernote notebook to see if tweet is captured. – Yes – MUCH SUCCESS.

Tweet Captured


Step 19:
Turn all my other Evernote recipes back on.

Step 20:
Start making a whole much more new recipes for the new year.


  1. Thank you so much. This has been the bane of my existence trying to figure out why my recipes dont work. Unlike you, I gave up and found alternatives. Im going to retry now.

    • tparishtparish01-04-2014

      I hope it works for you as well Helen.

  2. LechnoLechno01-22-2014

    IFTTT is awesome. IFTTT and Bitrix24 are the best free productivity enhancing tools in the history of humanity.

  3. Rita HoeffnerRita Hoeffner04-10-2014

    I can sympathize with you as I too have been round and round with IFTTT. Along the way I’ve found various reasons why IFTTT said my recipe should work, but didn’t! LOL

    Because I have 2 websites, I needed two IFTTT accounts. Well, I found out that I simply cannot work on both at the same time. You have to be only logged into 1 IFTTT accout or it gets confused and will sometimes even swap channels on you and post to the wrong WP account!

    I also recently realized that if you are signed into WP under a different user name than you have told IFTTT to post as, the recipe will check as it worked, but there is no post created. Either log out of WP altogether or log in under the same user that you are instructing IFTTT to use.

    I’ve not had much luck in using IFTTT with EN, so glad you were able to get it to work properly. I guess I just don’t like the way it placed information in EN, but then I’m not a huge fan of EN, although I have a paid account with them and lots of full Notebooks! LOL

    I have found an alternative that I like very much called Pocket – you might check it out. It just seems so much simpler. You can save to pocket even on your phone and it will save the whole page, unlike EN. You can assign tags to your pages on the fly and then look at them by tag, archive them, and you can view them either by list or grid view. Nice thing – it’s totally free – I don’t even think there is a paid version!

    • tparishtparish04-10-2014

      Thanks Rita. Great response. Not having 2 accounts I would never have thought of some of these issues you have faced. The WP posting hasn’t worked yet for me either and it may be because of exactly the login issues you addressed. I’ll have to try that out and see if it functions better for me.


  4. C. PimentelC. Pimentel01-15-2015

    I can’t get IFTTT to work — and Evernote is certainly online, as is the other channel I needed. No idea what the issue is. Oh well.

    • tparishtparish01-15-2015

      In what way can’t you get it to work? Just with Evernote? What type of recipe are you trying to create?

  5. Andrea GoodrichAndrea Goodrich01-02-2016

    Thank you! Thank you! I Appreciate your help now IF is FINALLY working with evernote!!

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