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What are your sources for “Always Learning” and how do you manage them?

Jane Hart, Centre for Learning & Performance Techonologies (, just pushed out two more incredible lists centered on learning.  One is titled “100 Twitter Accounts for Philomaths (Lovers of Learning)” and the other is “100+ People Who Tweet About Workplace Learning“.  These are only 2 of the many many lists of resources that she has curated and collected for her readers.

After looking at the list of people, I was happy to know that I was already following most of these inspirational folks.

The other list for Philomaths really intrigued me as several of them I had never heard of or tapped into yet to see what they had to offer.  Although there are many of them I want to follow and learn more from I was unsure I specifically wanted to follow the accounts through my twitter account.  My twitter feed is becoming more and more cluttered with my “interests” rather than the actual people I want to follow and stay connected to.  I needed to find a better or at least different way to manage these new collection of accounts that I want to stay informed of, but also in a manner that I can’t just go to them when I have time.

My PLN and my collection of interest are both key learning sources and opportunities for me, but how and when I want to access them are quite different.

Enter IFTTT and Pocket.  Both of which I can access on my computer, tablet, and phone.

What I created today was a series of IFTTT recipes for all these new “interest learning” accounts that I want to follow.  The recipe is basically “If a tweet comes from account @XXXXXX, send it to my Pocket account, and tag it YYYYYY”.  I created one of these for each of the accounts that I wanted to follow.

Now, I can keep my Twitter feed open following my PLN folks and then read/learn from my “new/improved/and growing” collection of interest accounts when I have moments of downtime.  One of those just happened to be while waiting for the kettle to boil this morning.

I’d be very interested to hear how you manage your reading/learning lists?  Do you do it all in one app?  An RSS reader? Sent to your email?


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