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#LSCon 2017 Twitter Trends – Day 2, Part 1

The eLearning Guild’s Learning Solutions Conference kicked off yesterday in Orlando.  Following the backchannel of these events is always a learning adventure and intriguing.  Yesterday (from 12:01am-11:59pm) saw over 300 people tweeting, sharing 1296 tweets.

This year while scanning some Twitter feeds the idea of looking deeper into the communication trends that were occurring at #LSCon.  Specifically what is being tweeted and by whom.  I found the stats that I was able to pull from various sources quite interesting.

The conference starts early in the moring and goes into the evening with networking activities.  However, for this look at Twitter trends I have broken the majority of the day into two windows:

    • 8:00am-12:00pm EST
    • 12:00pm-4:00pm EST

The morning of LSCon March 24, 2017


      • 750 tweets were made
      • 27 replies
      • 18 tweets per minute was the maxium number during this 4 hour window
      • 65% of the tweets were by Females, 35% by Males (those that identified as such via Twitter)

Top Hashtags

      • lscon
      • elearning
      • lrnchat
      • learning
      • disney

Top Words being Tweeted

      • keane
      • glen
      • creativity
      • learning
      • booth
      • technology
      • animator
      • keynote
      • solutions
      • using

Most Retweeted

Closer to 8:00am

Closer to 12:00pm

Top Media

This Morning’s Top Emojis

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