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Authenticity and Failure and Potted Plants

I just saw a friend share a post on Authenticity by John Markowski. It did strike me that it might be a little harsh to the proud moms/dads out there only in that there are many that truly are proud.

Sharing those proud parent moments and thoughts on social media outlets may be one of the key and timely ways to share that information with close friends and family members. Those would be the folks that respond with “That’s so wonderful.  Their colouring is getting so much better.” As opposed to, as John shared, “Wow mom, you still look the same as you did in high school.”

Then there are the folks that share the images of them working out. And sure half of them drive me absolutely nuts, but I also appreciate the need that many people post to inspire themselves to keep going and others that are working along with them.

It’s easy to by cynical about it all. It’s a bit harder to look to see if there is different motivation behind a post than “look at me, look at me”.

However, I did love Markowski’s point that not enough people share their failures. Why they failed. How they failed. How/if they moved on. These are true learning moments for the person sharing and for those intrigued enough to learn along with them.

Yesterday I shared, through my SoMe channels some gorgeous flowers I received, so today a little different. Today I share my sad little office plant.

The plant is not a complete failure. It is still alive. It still blooms. It’s a meek shadow of the lovely full plant I bought 2 years ago. I can’t seem to make it come back to it’s former glory, but I love it just the same. It gets just as much attention as all my other plants. But I feel I have done this little fellow wrong.

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