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Creating a Forced Ordered Button Interaction in Storyline

There are so many different ways to create inactions in Storyline, which is one of the reasons I like it so much.  There was a post in the forums about how to create an interaction where the learner must click the buttons in sequence.  In playing with this issue, I came up with several different methods.  Each has their merits.  Some are easier to create and reproduce, others are more robust.

Below is a video that walks through how I created each and also the completed .story file.  This was created in Storyline 2, but the method would work in any version.

Different versions of same activity

  • use a transparent shape to block access to items on the slide (slide 1)
  • use built in states (slide 2)
  • use your own created states (slide 3 – built in coloured visited state/slide 4 – user created only)
  • use your own created states and add a layer of feedback (slide 5)
  • use your own created states and variables with an added layer of feedback (slide 6)


Creating a Forced Button Order Interaction in Storyline

.story file (SL2)

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