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Trouble publishing SL360 courses to IE11 – a few tricks will help

The latest version of SL360 (3.7.12674.0) has a little error that forces users, that are using IE11, to have to turn off compatibility settings on the browser for course to launch.

Below is a short tutorial that I hope helps others with this issue, and a few tricks you can do to fix this temporary issue.

I’ve been able to get mine to publish to IE11 within my LMS by adding a little code to 3 files (that tells IE to ignore the compatibility issue), and then forcing a launch window to open and play the course (this then ignores any coding the LMS player window has).

This is the code to add:

<meta http-equiv=”x-ua-compatible” content=”IE=edge” />

In your Storyline course (before you zip it up to import into your LMS).  You’ll want to add it to:

  • the index_lms.html file
  • the index_lms_flash.html  file
  • and if you need to create a launch window for your course to the launch.html file
    • I also include a bit at the end of the video how you can customize the launch button if required or if it helps your learners with further direction.

Make sure when you add the code to the files that you add it after you see <head> and before any other code with <meta…..

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