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Back to #DevLearn 2017

I’m excited to be heading back to DevLearn again this year.  It’s one of my favourite events because there is just so much to do and learn.  The week is filled with people sharing all sorts of practical and useful information that I can just run and try out.  Then there is all the future/near-future stuff that I have yet to explore and try.  This is where inspiration truly starts to be fostered.

This year I’ll be sharing my list of curated Free Elearning Tools.  I’ve gathered over 475 tools in more than 30 categories.  My session will explore many of these and highlight some of my favourite and go-to-tools that I can’t get through a day without.

Join me 10:45 AM – 11:45 AM Thursday, October 26
Session: 414 for Essential Design and Development Tools—and They’re Free!

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