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Hello, my name is Tracy Parish and I’ll be heading to #DevLearn next week.

It’s DevLearn time again.  My third most favourite time of the year.  It falls very closely behind Star Wars Day and Christmas.
Each year new attendees can be heard asking, “What do I need to know about heading to DevLearn? Do you have any suggestions or tips?”
 My personal top 3 tips for any conference are:
I hear after every event I attend that this session or that wasn’t what the attendee expected.  Most attendees seem to think they need to stay in the room and listen to the presenter even if the content of the presentation isn’t what they are looking to learn/listen about.  There is this feeling that it will be rude if I leave.  Seasoned presenters know that this isn’t the case, you are probably leaving for just that reason, I didn’t hit what you need, or you already know this information.  New presenters need to know to not be offended if someone leaves.  It’s nothing personal.  It’s all about the attendee’s precious time and at an event as big as DevLearn there are so many sessions you want to get to the ones that will give you the biggest impact.
This leads to my second point, which is to plan out your day.  Know for every time slot 2-3 sessions that are of interest to you.  That way if one doesn’t meet your needs or is full (that does happen) that you have a back up session you can go to.  You may decide during the conference that other sessions pique your interested, but at least you have a plan of where you want to head.  With an event as big as DevLearn it’s good to know ahead of time what there is to see, do, learn, and participate in.

And that leads to participating.  Even as adults it can sometimes be uncomfortable to “make new friends”, but if you could go back to your childhood days and remember the advice you were given then…..just say hello.  If you’ve never attended DevLearn before you’ll be surprised at how many people you will meet, talk to, and learn from.  It’s wonderful to be able to be surrounded by “your people”.  People that understand what you are talking about, your language, your work day, your work issues.  These same people you can help with your expertise, and you all have some.  These are also the people you will learn from and make new connections.  Remember, just say “Hello, my name is…..

Hello, my name is Tracy Parish and I’ll be heading to DevLearn next week. I’m one of this year’s Docents so feel free to say hello and ask any questions.  I hope to see you there, say hello, and learn from and with you.
(Bonus tip:  Head to my session on free tools, Oct 26, 2017 – #414)

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