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What if we shared our thinking/beliefs openly and honestly?

I just started another online adventure.  I say adventure, because that is more fun than saying course, and because it is something I decided and found to participate in rather then being told this is something “I have to take to get a degree.”  I’m truly exploring this as an adventure.  I’m unsure where it will take me, but after a short time I’m already intrigued.

The course started out with a survey to get to know us better, but it wasn’t your traditional survey.  It asked us about our beliefs regarding a wide range of topic from God, to Voodoo, to telepathy, to the Lochness Monster.  Shortly after that I dived into the course discussion board where we were asked to comment on the typical first day question, “What do you expect (or are hoping) to get from this course?”

I was surprised at how quickly my mind began racing as I read different posts.  One person discussed how they didn’t want to answer several of the questions.  That they reserved these types of discussions/answers to only those they trusted.  I get that.  It’s really understandable to not want to place yourself in a position of vulnerability.  What if they disagree with my answer, with my belief?

In today’s world disagreement is so often escalates quickly from (if it ever even begins at) “oh you think that?” to full out wars.  Quickly.  Too Quickly.  We can’t solve all that here and now, but it had me think about how can I translate this fear to the work environment and use it as a conversation tool.

What if just for a moment we realize that the person across from us is, most likely, fearing the same thing as us in speaking their truth?  What if we know each other? What if we trust each other?  Does the discussion and conversation come that much more easily than if we just met?  So then, what if we spoke the truth to a complete stranger.  If we both come from the same place of fear, but more importantly understanding where that fear comes from and the drive to speak our truth to greater understanding between on another, would we in turn trust each other more implicitly and quicker.  Would it have the opposite effect?  If I could just listen to your belief for the purpose of understanding you, your thinking, your world I would hope it opened my mind and my perspective rather than seeing you as an untrustworthy enemy.

Even while trying to articulate this I’m thinking “but what about this scenario”, “what about this one”, “and this one”.  People are complicated.  Understanding them even more so.

I’m fascinated already to see where this online adventure leads me.  For now I leave it there with my mind pondering more questions then I started with and that’s often the point of an adventure*.


*For the record I think a quest has a conclusion and I’m looking for an adventure.

Photo by: Tracy Parish

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