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Learning Solutions Conference 2011 – The view from the backchannel

With 1300 participants and 200 speakers, this year’s the Learning Solutions Conference was another successful and challenging experience. The most common complaint leading up to most conferences—and certainly during the four day event held last month in Orlando—is how to choose which session to attend when the three or four that pique your interest are scheduled at the same time.

MOOCs: Massive Open Online Courses or Massive and Often Obtuse Courses?

MOOC, the acronym alone can make a learner instantly smile with the remembered joy of online learning camaraderie, or shudder at the memory of a massive and often obtuse course. This article isn’t a review of any particular massive open online course, as they are all quite different—each iteration tends to evolve from the previous one. Rather, this article offers the first-person perspective of two learners and their experiences with different MOOCs.

Creating Your Own Stock Photos with Your iPhone: A camera app review

You’ve just received a new project to create and you don’t want to spend hours searching through websites to find just the right images. Often you end up settling on an image that is similar to your needs, but just doesn’t reflect the reality of the learners’ surroundings. As a quick and easy alternative that produces the exact images required, instructional designers are arming themselves with their iPhones. They are capturing and creating their own personal collections of photos that more strongly suit the needs of their clients and resonate with learners on a personal level.

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