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  • m-Commerce

    I started wanting to write about a few articles I have briefly skimmed over commenting on m-Commerce and the grand future that many believe it will have. I wasn’t really surprised to see that China, Japan, India were big potential markets, but that fact that …

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  • No need to stand up from the computer

    Trying to catch up on my reading (online of course) I came across a blog about an old commercial for an Atari home computer Basically it the person was questioning how far we have come since this 1981 commercial and wondering if in another …

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  • Introduction to Me!

    My latest eLearning endeavour is “Facilitating Learning Online” and assignment 1 is to create a biography/introduction to myself. I decided that I also wanted to capture it here so that as I write where I have come from and where I want to go that …

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