Free Elearning Tools – Learning Solutions 2014

I presented a Morning Buzz this year at Learning Solutions on free elearning tools.  Being a department of one with little to no budget having an arsenal of free tools at the ready is how I get many of my projects completed.

This year instead of creating a list of tools I wanted to create something more collaborative that others can help to grow and expand.  I have created a mindmap of many of the tools that I have personally used and many that have been recommended to me by peers.  There are a few missing from our morning buzz brainstorm, but I hope to add those in and/or have any of the participants add in their favourite tools.

Please feel free to add your resources to this mindmap as well.  If you can add a little note what the tool is for then that will help other readers of the map and if you can add a link that would also shorten the search time for users.  If you’re unsure how to add items to the mindmap feel free to contact me or take a look at the quick online help information that is located in the bottom right corner of the mindmap screen.  You can view/edit the map below or for a larger view you can link to it here.

Together I expect this list will continue to expand greatly.



The mindmap was getting really crowded with an amazing list of resources.  Thank you to everyone that helped to contribute to it and still are contributing to the list.  I did notice that because of the volume it was getting difficult to look through to find the tool you might need.  I also notice that with so many people editting the map, that many of the links and information about the tools were now corrupted.

I’ve taken all the tools that were added on the mindmap and have now added them here: http://bit.ly/tracytools

Elearning Free Tools List

I think it is a much easier way to view the various types of tools and still offers the option for viewers to share thier input for new tools to be added to the lists.  Each topic has tools that have either been used or have been suggested and are listed alphabetically.

Thanks to everyone who has help to grow this tool set.



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