How to use the “Action Fine Tuning” feature in #Storyline Screen Recordings

Recently I captured a screen recording and inserted it into my project in the “Step-by-step slides” mode.  This means, if you haven’t seen it, that each click that I made on the screen while recording is placed into a separate slide within Storyline.  Usually this works out perfectly and the video is spliced at just the right spot for each step.  The video starts on each slide exactly where you would expect and ends exactly where you would expect.  Of course once in a while it’s not where you expect or doesn’t flow with the way you want the content/video to flow for the learner.  In these instances there is the option to use the Action Find Tuning feature and edit out sections from the beginning and ending of these individual section steps.

This quick tutorial will show you how to access and use this feature to manipulate the ending point of your mouse/cursor movements and how to edit your screen capture so that it more acutely matches the video you need.

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  1. Diana MDiana M03-23-2016

    Tracy – your tutorials are always fantastic and so helpful!!!! Thanks a million – you are awesome!

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